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4 Gold Cylinder Screw Shoe Lace Tips (Aglets)


These gorgeous shoe lace tips will make your laces and drawstring stand out. Simply glue the screw onto your lace/drawstring and the screw the tip on. Scroll down for more pictures and information.

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4 Gold Cylinder Style Screw On Shoelace Tips (aglets).

These highly polished aglets add a very sophisticated look.  They are not painted with a cheap spray that will chip easily.  They look and feel rich!

Dimensions (see images of measurements):  
Cylinder Tip: .9 inches by .2inches (23mm x 5mm)
Screw Diameters: .14inches (3.6mm)

Your order will include 4 Aglets and screws.

The gold tip screws on to the gold peg and completely conceals it (you will not see a gold screw). You will need to glue your lace inside the screw using krazy Glue or another strong adhesive.


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